Hey Ariele, thanks for commenting! Certainly interruptions from clients can disrupt focus. Do you have any control over the standards of responding to their requests?

In some cases, responding right away causes more harm in disrupted focus than it helps actually bring value to a client. Like, let’s say responding to the client within 15 minutes is worth $50, and responding in 2 hours is worth $10, but focusing to do your work is worth $100. If that’s the case, then re-thinking the standards can help. Maybe there are some clients who are just too demanding to be worth it.

If you don’t have any control over your interruptibility, are there any hours during the day or week where it’s unlikely a client will make a request? If you make a habit of focusing doing those times, you can improve the quality of your work without disappointing your clients.

Ultimately, needing to focus to do creative work, while also being interruptible at any moment isn’t sustainable, if the quality of that work is to be competitive. This is one of the reasons Advertising firms have Creative/Account sides.

I don’t know a lot about your particular situation, but hopefully something above can be implemented.

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Author, ‘Mind Management, Not Time Management’ https://amzn.to/3p5xpcV Former design & productivity advisor to Timeful (Google acq’d).

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