How I kick my own butt into gear with preparation & repetition

  • It makes the class better. People take time out of their busy days to attend my webinars, in the hopes of learning something. I want to make that time valuable.
  • It makes it repeatable. I have a script to rehearse the webinar. If I decide to do this webinar again at some point in the future, I’ll also have a script to work from.
  • It makes improvement easy. I’ve already rehearsed the webinar once, and I’ll be rehearsing it at least one more time. Each time, I can make specific changes and have a rock-solid way to implement those changes (a script).
  • It saves mental energy. When it comes to self motivation, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT reason. Actually, none of the above reasons work without this reason.

Preparation saves mental energy.

Sometimes it’s tough to motivate yourself to do things, even when you work for yourself. You might beat yourself up about it, but it’s actually because your brain is smart: It doesn’t want to waste energy.

Preparation takes repetition.

If a less-experienced version of myself saw this webinar script and checklist, he would be overwhelmed. There are so many things to consider when holding a live webinar: Setting up the technology and ensuring it works, writing the emails and getting out the word. Just putting together 131 slides is a TON of work.

Preparation leads to learning.

If I ever give live webinars on a regular basis, I won’t need all of the preparation I’ve put in place. I might ditch the script, or I might not need the checklist. Giving webinars could become as easy for me to do as brushing my teeth.

Learn more of my self-motivation tactics in next week’s webinar.

Making it on your own takes a lot of self motivation. Your mental energy becomes your most precious resource. You can’t rely on “willpower.” You have to manage your mental energy.

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