How to Keep Going When Your Life Is a Dumpster Fire

1. Have a sense of humor

In 2018, I invested a significant portion of my life’s savings to qualify for an investor visa in the country I call home. My visa was then rejected — which meant I could no longer live in my home.

2. Go easy on yourself

In July 2019, I had to make another emergency trip. This time, my mother was in a coma. An abnormal blood vessel in her brain — which nobody knew existed— suddenly burst.

3. Find the gold

As Megan Devine, author of It’s Okay That You’re Not Okay says, “There is not a reason for everything. Not every loss can be transformed into something useful. Things happen that do not have a silver lining.”

4. Make space to think

After returning from a trip abroad that was supposed to fix my visa troubles, only to be told I had to turn around and leave the country again, I found myself hiding out in Panama City.

5. Trust your system

When your world is falling apart, it saps all of the energy you would normally use in order to make decisions. But if you build systems, and follow them, those decisions are already made for you.

6. Do the 10-minute hack

Sometimes, you can’t even begin to focus. These are the times when I use the 10-minute hack. (Remember, in a crisis, you need to lower your expectations, so maybe it’s the five-minute hack, or the two-minute hack.)

Written by

Bestselling author of “Mind Management, Not Time Management”

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