I agree. There are some great stories being told on TV these days.

I can’t help but notice — as I sit in my parents’ house — how easy it is to keep the TV on all day. The local news came on here in Phoenix the other day. There was a shrill undercurrent of urgency to the anchor’s voice. Something of great import had happened. Maybe it was a terrorist attack, or god himself had been assassinated.

Turned out, it had rained. For like, half an hour.

My problem with TVs is that they take over the room. They become the default. Then, a fear-driven society starts to wrap its tentacles around you.

But yes, there’s lots of good TV out there.

Happy New Year, James. Thanks for making my 2016 that much better.

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Bestselling author of “Mind Management, Not Time Management” http://kdv.co/mind

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