I think you’re very different from most people in the regard of micropayments then. There’s just too much cognitive overhead per transaction for most people to pay a small amount to a post author.

I have this on my brain because cognitive overhead is one of the things that the cryptocurrency-powered STEEM protocol tries to combat—as outlined in the STEEM white paper.

There’s been a lot of talk suggesting that Medium should run on STEEM. Seems risky. The protocol seems very well-thought-out, but it remains to be seen just what quirks it has in its economic incentives—or if the cryptocurrency backing it will sustainably hold value.

One fantasy I have is to write my next book on Medium: Users pay for access, and I commit to writing a 500-word post every weekday for a few months.

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Bestselling author of “Mind Management, Not Time Management” http://kdv.co/mind

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