I’m happier without Amazon Prime

Since moving to Colombia a couple years ago, I’m happier. One thing that makes me happier is not having two-day shipping with Amazon Prime.

If I want to buy something from Amazon, it takes about two weeks to arrive. As a result:

  • I buy much fewer things. It has to be worth the long wait, and paying more to get it to me.
  • I plan ahead, ordering many things at once to save on shipping and import taxes.
  • I spend less mental energy anticipating new shipments, checking on the status of new shipments, opening boxes, or being distracted by new items.

When I had Amazon Prime, I would order indiscriminately throughout my day. One-click buying was convenient, but it just became one more distraction on top of Facebook and Twitter.

As soon as I’d think about buying something, I would either buy it, or waste energy deciding which thing to buy.

Packages would arrive almost every day. Almost every day was interrupted at some point by a package arriving, and opening that package, getting excited or disappointed about its contents, then disposing of the packaging.

Now, if I think of something I need to buy, I put it on a list. I only order items during my “weekly review” on Sunday afternoons.

I spend less energy buying stuff, thinking about buying stuff, or in the wasteful cycle of anticipation, reception, and (sometimes) disappointment in a delayed shipment.

Previously, I thought that fast shipment gave me joy, or made my life easier. Sometimes this is true, but mostly it steals energy I could use on writing.

I wonder if this would work for other people? If you’re not ready to try canceling your Amazon Prime account, opt sometime for a slower shipping option (you can sometimes earn credit toward Kindle books this way). Try batching your shipments. See how it feels. Maybe you’re happier without Prime.

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Bestselling author of “Mind Management, Not Time Management” http://kdv.co/mind

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