Like your virtue signalling that you’re a superior being because you pay for everything you read? Great example.

I’m not sure what your point is. I said Medium is full of unreadable virtue signaling articles. This is an article on Medium. I’m talking about why I don’t pay for Medium. I don’t see any inconsistency there.

Also, demonstrably false as you’re not a paid subscriber.

Are you trying to say the statement is false because I don’t pay for Medium, and I’m claiming that I pay for everything I read? Please re-read the very first sentence of my article. Really, why are you deliberately misinterpreting my article? Who hurt you, Paul? Even if I did say I payed for everything I read, I don’t read Medium, so…

The premise of your article is absolutely ridiculous.

But sure, I’d love to hear you rationalise how buying the same title on Kindle increases its quality versus borrowing it from a library….

Does this mean the quality of a library book increases with the cost of overdue fines?

Who said anything about libraries? You’re inventing premises. If you tried for one moment to understand the point of this article, you wouldn’t distill it to such nonsense. What is this really about, Paul?

Also, how is my paid reading of this article superior to your reading of it for free?

Am I supposed to pay to read my own articles now?

Some thought is clearly lacking from this article. Perhaps you should read more…

Look, I know you’re hurting. Why else would you go on the Internet and deliberately misinterpret an article just to try to start an argument? I hope you find happiness and something better to do with your precious time on this planet.

Bestselling author of “Mind Management, Not Time Management”

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