Summer of Design is free (for a little while). Learn “Design for Hackers.”

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EVERYBODY DESIGNS. In a fast world, packed with information, it’s more important than ever to communicate not just with words, but with shapes, colors, and the right typeface.

The tools are widely available, but the knowledge is hard to absorb.

Which is why I created Summer of Design. It’s based upon my book, Design for Hackers, in which I break down the principles of good design in a way especially-suited for an analytical mind. D4H debuted in the top 20 on all of Amazon, and is still selling steadily six years after its release.

Summer of Design is 12 emails, each based upon a chapter of D4H, delivered right to your inbox. In the midst of your busy day, you can get a quick lesson on color theory, choosing and pairing fonts, or visual hierarchy.

To celebrate the summer of ’17, I’m offering Summer of Design—usually $36—for FREE. You have to sign up by next Friday.

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