Yep. If you enjoy the sensation of being repeatedly punched in the stomach, start a podcast!

I bought an ad in the Overcast player. So far $125 has brought in 118 subscribers. That ad goes until the end of March.

I created a 30-second promo to run on Libsyn’s podcast, The Feed. Doesn’t go live until mid-May.

I’m breaking down the YouTube versions of some popular episodes into playlists of clips, and populating them with transcripts and tags. This is extremely tedious, even with help off of Upwork. It’s primarily to boost the SEO of my show notes pages. If it works, it will probably take months to see results.

I’m revisiting various show notes pages that have SEO potential, and optimizing them.

I’m pitching a future guest to be featured on iTunes. I have to generate artwork to pitch, whether they take it or not. I’ll know sometime in April.

I pitched to the Podcast Movement conference to present on designing cover art (I wrote a book on design). The conference is in August, and I’ll find out in March if they want me to talk. Podcasters listen to podcasts, and sometimes podcast about other podcasts!

I’m writing posts like these, to share my experiences running a podcast. Podcasters listen to podcasts, and sometimes podcast about other podcasts!

I have a note going in next week’s episode promoting Leah Culver’s Breaker. It’s a social podcast listening app with a lot of promise, that just launched on Product Hunt last week. If listeners subscribe on there, or “like” the episode, their followers will see. (I’m beginning to think the ROI might be better to promote subscriptions on literally any podcast listening platform other than iTunes — where there’s too much competition.)

Other than that, I’m continuing to think hard about how to make the content of the show more compelling, and how to be a better interviewer and storyteller.

Bestselling author of “Mind Management, Not Time Management”

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