You bring up an excellent point, Donald! Yes, I’ve seen research suggesting that expansive spaces bring about more creative thinking. It’s important to bring that into consideration.

You’re right that there are some people for whom that extra stimulation is just too much. This is me in the mornings.

If I want to think creatively in the afternoons, it’s a different story. Then I am looking for stimulation and expansive spaces.

As an architect I think you’ll appreciate this: When I was working on my first book, if I was looking for expansive thinking, I would go to the John Hancock tower in Chicago. There was a cafe on the 95th floor from which I could see all of Chicago. I had many fruitful brainstorming session perched next to a window in that cafe.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. I’ll have to think about how I can account for this consideration as I write the Getting Art Done book.

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